4 important items for kids in distance learning

by lola

We are grappling with one of the most uncertain and unprecedented times in history. The “New Normal” has ushered us into a season where the mechanics on which things operated before are slowly beginning to change.

In this season, we have begun to appreciate the value of technology and social media in our lives.

One of the sectors that is massively considering or experiencing change is the education sector, and distance learning is slowly rising. As parents need to take their kids back to school, students, educators, and policymakers are deciding whether physical conditions are safe for kids to learn in.

During this period, distance learning has become a huge experiment that might lead to a permanent schooling option. To keep children abreast of their educational curriculum, they have been engaged on one video chat platform or the other.

What do you think your child needs to survive in a distance learning environment?

Lots of tech equipment… right?

Let’s find out

Four Essentials for Distance Learning

a. A laptop

This is obviously a need for distance learning to take place. Now, you may say that desktops look more professional. There’s been a lot of arguments about desktops and laptops over the years. Some prefer laptops because they are handy and best for reading, writing, watching videos, and scrolling through social media

Others prefer desktops because they are more versatile, can store huge files, and cope with high-quality graphics. Contrary to popular opinion, desktops produced in this era don’t operate on batteries, so they can be used without plugging in.

 Look at things this way- the beauty of distance learning is its flexibility.

Distance learning removes the cage that children are confined in during physical learning. So, while it may look professional, give your kids the liberty by getting a laptop for them. If you’re looking for the best deals when it comes to laptops, look no further. Check out honor back to school. 

b. An iPad

This is a convenient alternative to laptops.

They are smaller, handier, and generally very comfortable. People generally use it to play games, stream videos online, read e-books, or scroll through social media platforms. It’s very good for distance learning as well.

If your child doesn’t want to be saddled with the responsibility of sitting on a desk all day long staring at a desktop, or carry a laptop about, then this might be an excellent alternative.

c. Smart wristwatch

Smart wristwatches are absolutely essential not just for students, but for people who value comfort and convenience.

Smart wristwatches receive notifications, so you don’t have to check your phone or laptop whenever you hear the alert sound. It saves time and makes everything in your life easier. Superb!

d. Earbuds

Want to cancel out all the noise and allow your kids to be super focused? Then earbuds are the way. People generally prefer headset because of the sound quality, but earbuds are lightweight and more portable.

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