All You Need To Know About Battery Heated Vests

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During winter, temperatures can reach all-time lows making life quite uncomfortable. It gets worse if you have to work in the cold. Battery heated vests are a great way to keep your upper torso warm. You can get a heated vest from a heated vest online store and have it delivered to your doorstep in no time.

How does the heated jacket work?

Ordinarily, the heated vest package has a jacket or vest, the charger, battery, and the instruction manual. The battery is usually charged, but you need to charge it as soon as the package arrives fully. The charger has a light that turns green when the battery is fully charged. Once the battery is fully charged, connect it to the wire in the battery pouch.

Secondly, to turn on the jacket, press the power button for about two seconds and observe a red light comes on. The red light indicates the heated vest is operating at the highest setting, which gives you two hours of function. To switch to medium heat, press the power button, and observe the light turn yellow. The medium setting has a battery life of three to four hours. To get the lowest settings, press the power, and observe the color turn green. The lowest setting lets you enjoy five to six hours of continuous heat.

Heated jackets have thin wires built into the fabric. The wires heat up when a low electric charge is passed through from a lithium battery. The heat keeps your core warm, consequently keeping the rest of your body warm.

How to clean a battery heated vest

You might think that a battery heated jacket is hard to clean because of the heating panels. The jacket’s heating panels are designed to be removable, allowing you to take the warming panels off the vest and wash the jacket in the washing machine. We recommend that you let the jacket air dry instead of using a dryer. Run the washing machine on a gentle wash to maintain the integrity of the fabric.

Is it safe to wear the battery heated jackets?

Both men’s and women’s battery heated vests are safe to wear. Consumers are concerned that a fault in the mechanics can cause the vest to catch fire. Manufacturers assure consumers that the vest is entirely safe. The limited temperature produced is not enough to start a fire. Customers also worry that the wire can electrocute them should they come into contact with water. The battery voltage is so low; it is impossible to get electrocuted.

Is the jacket good for the consumers’ health?

For people who are frequently cold, the heated vest is a lifesaver. Heated jackets have no adverse health effects on consumers. The heated jackets can be used when working in the chilly winter days and nights and when one is inactive in the cold to keep blood circulating in the body. You can buy extra batteries to stay warm for longer. You can find the best battery heated vest on an online store called Keep Warming.

In Conclusion

Winter cold should not stop you from performing your outdoor activities. Heated vests are the perfect solution to uncomfortably layering clothes that limit your mobility. Get yourself and your loved one’s battery heated vests to keep them safe from the cold this winter.

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