Ways of Prolonging Your Laptop Battery’s Lifespan

All laptops use rechargeable batteries that come sealed in the laptop, which is vital for good battery health or a removable one. Rechargeable batteries allow you to charge till full and carry your laptop with you anywhere and still work. Good quality batteries store their charge for long, which is ideal for those long meetings and tasks that you can’t walk out of to look for power outlets or fail to complete due to lack of power. Check out batterieprofessionnel.com for the best Laptop charger (chargeur pour ordinateur portable) and laptop portable batteries. In this post, we look at ways of maximizing battery life.

Ways of Maximizing Your Laptop Battery Life

Battery life keeps decreasing as the charge cycles reduce. Most batteries have like 500 cycles, and depletion means laptops with inbuilt batteries won’t function anymore. You can prevent this by doing following the factors below;

1. Activate Battery Saver or Eco Mode

Activating the battery saver adjusts the laptop setting automatically, and it begins to consume low power hence the rate at which the cycles are used is reduced. You can have this mode on always or have it turn on automatically when the charge is below 20 percent. It’s important to note that this mode blocks some background apps and restricts syncing features like the calendar. The power saver regulates power usage, preventing the battery from draining to zero and avoiding the overuse of your laptop charger.

2. Disconnect Unused Devices

The laptop has ports to plug in hardware like hard drives, flash disks, USB cables, and many others. After you’re done using them, unplug them all or since they consume unnecessary power. Turn off any port as well as the processors, WIFI and Bluetooth.

3. Store the Laptop in a Cool Space

Extreme temperatures are dangerous to the laptop. Exposure to heat or sunlight for a long time causes the build-up of heat within the gadget. This is due to the increase in the electrochemical processes in the battery that produced unwanted energy. Since the energy is not directed to any hardware device, the battery becomes too hot and can be damaged permanently. Take out the battery to allow cooling if it’s removable. For laptops with sealed batteries, shut them down and leave them to cool down for a couple of hours. Also, very low temperatures, freezing levels damage the battery.

4. Adequate Random Access Memory

RAM provides additional storage for all your data instead of having it all in the hard drive. Often the hard drive has too much data, and the laptop has to run several processes to retrieve your desired data. A lot of power is consumed in the process, prompting the need for recharging; hence another charge cycle is used up. Retrieving information from the RAM is easy and quick; thus, the machine doesn’t consume as much power.

Final Words

How you care for your battery determines how long it’s going to last. Good battery health is essential for the proper functioning of the laptop. But do not forget a good laptop changer also goes a long way in ensuring your battery life is extended. Thus, follow the points above to extend the battery life and ensure its efficiency.

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