Should You Invest in Born Pretty Nail Polish?

by lola

Hey, lovers of gel nail polish! You will love the new tri thermal regardless of them being super crazy to swatch! You will always be surprised by the number of people who can swear that they do not like thermals even though they are not really near fun on shorter nails. Some are turned off by their shelf life which is about 12 months or there and about. Even so, some of your oldest thermals may last five years and still look good as new. Are you one of the lovers of thermals? If you happen to be new in this, then you are in the right place all the same!

1. Shades

Born Pretty comes with a high consumer rating of about 3.92 stars. It also has a review of up to 229, which is indicated on the labels meaning that consumers are often satisfied with the product quality. Consumers who have purchased Born Pretty often mention that nail art is ideal for people who need to invest in long-lasting nail polish. Born Pretty is one of the second-best nail gel polish in the industry.

2. The Swatches

Know of those ideal swatches that show you every share in the tri-thermal with an ideal uniform color shift but in straight lines? You may not find that here. The application techniques have been exhausted, so most experts do about three colors simultaneously and not just a single color. With that said, here is a review of Born Pretty. Burn Dream is one of the most prominent brands of Born Pretty. It is a peach to slightly bright pink and dark purple nail polish.

3. How to apply the Born Pretty Gel Polish

You can use about 1 to 3 coats of color cured for about 30 seconds for every coat for a better swatch. Then you can go ahead and seal it with a Gelish coat. This color shift is slightly dramatic. It can also shift quickly, and that is one more reason to invest in it. You can choose this nail polish brand because it comes in about three colors. That is always a pro when it comes to these!

There you go. Are you probably worried about the removal process currently? No, you should not. It is easier to remove than you may think. All you need to do is break the polish’s seal. You can achieve this by roughing up its surface using a nail file and then soaking the nails for about 10-15 minutes.

In that case, you can use a nail clip not to hold but soak cotton balls on your nails for roughly 8 minutes. In many cases, you should be careful and not peel off the polish even if it is already peeling off. That way, it may take a layer of the nail off with it in the long run.

4. Verdict

Still, wondering whether or not you should buy Born Pretty gel nail polish? Yes, you should. It is available in about 12 shades, and they are pretty much affordable.

Final Thoughts

Still, wondering where to purchase the Born Pretty gel polish? You can always get them from various online stores, with Amazon being one of the most prominent stores that offer these products at relatively affordable prices. When looking for Amazon Best Gel Polish, go for BORN PRETTY Nail Polish.

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