Why should you buy a Wakizashi sword?

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The samurais of Japan used wakizashi in addition to using the famous katana. The wakizashi was an auxiliary weapon for the samurai. They wore it whenever they went out. At first, they used the sword for close-range combat or indoor fights. What made wakizashi in demand and desirable was its shorter size as compared to the katana. The samurais found it easier to wield it in enclosed spaces. A wakizashi is a special kind of backup weapon that the warriors used when they couldn’t use the katana. If you are interested in buying a wakizashi or you need more information about handmade swords, please follow the link: https://www.samuraiswordsmith.com/

Off with the enemy’s head

While the katana was used to slice a person into two halves, a wakizashi was used to decapitate the head of the opponent. However, decapitation was not a norm in the fights between the samurai. They occasionally did that when they were caught in a real fight. In a duel, they used to pin their opponents down on the earth to announce their victory.

Wakizashi saved the katana from damage

The warriors used katana more often, which raised the stakes of the sword acquiring more damage. Wakizashi was also used as a backup so that the katana was saved from damage. Swords were not made with immortal metal. They were at the risk of breakage especially if the warriors opted to decapitate a person who was wearing a steel armor. The warriors ought to save the katana and protect it for as long a period as possible.


Wakizashi was also used to perform different kinds of rituals such as Seppuku. People also named it as the honor blade as the Samurai used it to get back their honor. Wakizashi was not the only sword that was used for rituals. The Samurais also used Tanto to commit ritual suicides.


Last but not least is that the wakizashi sword was used for self-defense. The samurais were committed individuals so they never departed from their wakizashis. Even when they were sleeping, they used to put the sword under the pillow so that they could draw it easily when they faced danger. Wakizashi was also compared with the pistols of the soldiers. Although wakizashi was the most useful sword, and warriors carried it wherever they went yet it couldn’t surpass the popularity that the katana gained. The Japanese culture cherished it and has kept its integrity intact even after the passage of decades and centuries.

Advantages of Wakizashi

The top advantage of wakizashi sword is that it is of smaller size as compared to other swords. The shorter length of the sword makes it easier for the warrior to cut through the opponent efficiently and fast. The blade length ranges between 12 and 24 inches.

If you are interested in swordsmanship or martial arts, a wakizashi will help you practice better. You can buy it for your kids if they are taking lessons of laido, Kendo and Kenjutsu. Well, you can use it for combat nowadays as you might not be allowed to carry it in public places because of laws.

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