Why You Should Consider Buying Water Wave Hair

by lola

 There are many reasons you should consider buying a water wave hair. Firstly, the hair is easy to maintain, and secondly, it can blend easily with your natural hair. So, you don’t have to feel awkward when you put it on. Moreover, the hair is silky, light, lustrous and does not tangle not shed, making it popular among many people across the world.

How to maintain water wave hair?

Just like every other type of hair, water wave hair needs proper maintenance to prevent tangling and shedding. Most people consider their hair as extremely sensitive, so they commit a lot of resources to keep it in good condition. Thus, if you plan on buying or you currently have water wave hair, here are some maintenance tips you should know.

Combing Water Wave Hair

There are different types of water wave hair you can buy and their maintenance routines might differ slightly. For instance, if you have Brazilian water wave hair, maintaining it requires brushing it frequently. To brush a Brazilian water wave hair, use a soft brush or a wide-toothed comb. It is advisable to start the brushing at the end of the hair, and from there, you can begin brushing toward the upper part.

However, when you notice hair tangling while combing your water wave hair, the number one rule is to avoid combing the hair vigorously. Instead, comb it gently to prevent shedding hair and breakage. To get over tangles, apply hair conditioning and do not comb to detangle hair when wet. Only detangle it when it is wet.

Water wave hair bundles

To get the best out of water wave hair, it is advisable to keep it clean always. This is because dirt can make the hair tangle. Ensure you wash the hair with lukewarm water, and it is best to wash the hair using your fingers. If possible, don’t run or twist the hair while washing. As a general rule, after washing the water wave hair, do not blow it with a dryer. Instead, place the hair out to dry off naturally.

Night routine

To maintain your water wave hair, always wrap the hair with a silk scarf before going to bed at night because a silk scarf is less abrasive to your hair. Also, before going to bed, apply oil to the end of the hair because that end tends to dry out quickly. So, to maintain the hair, using a small amount of oil will provide the moisture needed to keep the hair end shinning and smooth.

Why should you buy a water wave hair?

  • Natural and Nice Hair Ends

A water wave hair is thick, luxurious, soft, and you don’t need to use many bundles to achieve a strong, full look. Also, the hair is thinner toward the end, giving you a natural and realistic look.

  • Easy to Maintain and Style

This hair type comes in different colors, and there is no limitation in the choice of style you can choose. In addition, the hair is easy to maintain, and you can use it for an extended period if you keep to the maintenance procedures.


If you are a female, then you can use water wave hair. The hair type is versatile, available in different styles, and can be used by people of different ages to accomplish any desired look.


Water wave hair is available in different types. So, before picking one from the store, you have to know the styles that suit your preference. Also, any water wave hair can serve for a long period inasmuch as you follow the maintenance procedures.

In addition, you should consider going for water wave hair because it is versatile and gives a natural look.

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