The Ultimate Bathtub Shower Combo Buying Guide

by lola
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A beautiful pristine bathtub shower combo is the highlight of many bathrooms today. Fortunately, there are virtually thousands of decent looking bathtub for sale that you can comfortably choose from. Nonetheless, if you are new to the various aspects of purchasing a bathtub, selecting the best from a multitude of options is challenging.  Below are five key things to consider when choosing a bathtub shower faucet.

  • The Bathtub Shower Combo Power

Long gone are the days when bathtub shower were just free-standing containers that broke down after a few uses. With developing technology, bathtubs are now in use for much more than washing the dirt away. Additional features of new tubs include the ability to adjust water pressure; choose a specific temperature point as some have temperature gauges ad determine water flow. When selecting, deciding on how basic or powerful you want your showers to be before settling on one option.

  • The Area You Will Install Your Bathtub Shower Combo
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The area of installation plays a significant role in the kind of standard bathtub you will choose for your home. Often, people who have a cement floor can get away with installing any shower as a cement floor is extremely durable. The installation of a bath in a wood house requires more finesse and steps; hence, factors such as drainage of a tub will dictate if it’s a good fit. As expected, is care should be taken when choosing a bathtub for houses made with corrugated metal as any mistake in installation cause severe rusting and rotting.

  • Environment for install of Bathtub Shower Combo

The environs or home area in which you stay is often the most overlooked aspect when choosing a bathtub. Often, tubs tend to get moldy and need more thorough intense cleaning in a humid environment than in a drier one. For this reason, consider your natural day to day weather before making a choice. Ideally, ceramics tend to be a sturdy choice as they can withstand constant scrubbing, and they are quick to clean. Additionally, glass bathtubs also are an excellent choice but often require investing in glass cleaner to keep it clear. For this reason, consider your specific weather environment before choosing as it dictates the cleaning pattern.

  • Bathtub Shower Combo Type

Ideally, there are two kinds of bathtubs you can choose from, that is the free-standing and encased bathtub. Mainly, there are numerous both cons and pros associated with both choices. If you have a large bathroom and move to room aside, it makes sense to consider astronomical free-standing bathtub sizes you can invest in. However, if you have limited space, selecting an enclosed bathtub to stop it from moving makes better sense.

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  • Control Feature Of The Bathtub Shower Combo

With added features in every new and upcoming bathtub designs, it’s no wonder that bathtubs now come with a user manual.  However, one aspect to consider is ease of use. If it takes time to set up and get the showers going, analyze der if the feature is worth the wait. Additionally, with more features and a sophisticated control feature, the process of the bathroom shower combo is bound to increase. As you deliberate on various choices, decide whether the additions are worth the extra higher bathtub prices.


The capabilities and the extra features of a bathtub shower combo differ from one brand to another. To ensure that you choose the best option from a multitude of bathtubs for sale, consider what you need it to do. Additionally, as the extra features come at an added expense and some of them extremely complicated, decide whether you need the extras.

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