Why You Can’t Ignore Stickers

by lola

Sticker marketing promotions are more often than not neglected these days. Using low-cost brand printed stickers must seem old school but they still produce great results.

In this post, we will take a look at why you shouldn’t ignore these low-cost stickers in your business. If you are ready then let’s get straight to the crux of this post.

Using stickers for business promotion

The digital age has sort of stripped low-cost stickers of their place in publicity. This is not because sticker marketing promotions have lost their potency but people have just neglected them.

While you may overlook the use of brand printed stickers, they are cheap and give you amazing returns. If you consider them childish you better rethink your idea. Stickers (know more) have proven to be very strong marketing tools even though they are so underestimated.

Considering how important stickers are to promoting a business, it will be foolish to neglect them. You can put just about any message on your stickers and they can be placed on almost anywhere. There are a million uses for stickers so the use all depends on how creative you can be.

Thinking outside the box is the key to achieving the best from stickers during promotions. You can hand your stickers out as gifts or you can sell them. Another way is to place them on different objects in your store for aesthetic purposes. 


So why can’t you ignore sticker marketing promotions?

We have already established one fact so far in this post, low-cost stickers are very potent marketing tools. Even though they have been around for over five decades, they have not declined for a day in results.

The only problem is that business owners tend to prefer other methods because of technology. In this section, we will take a look at why you cannot neglect brand printed stickers in your business. 

Too much proof in the efficiency of these stickers

One of the most successful websites in the world is Reddit. Statistics show that in a month, at least 100 million different people visit the site. Wondering how the company is able to achieve these amazing results?

Well, this is the simple reason, it has its own stickers. On these stickers is the message “can you believe it.” This message attracts tons of unique visitors to the site every month. As a matter of fact, over the years, the company has made use of stickers as its major channel of promotions.

Reddit’s results show how potent sticker marketing promotions are. This is just one company, there are several other hundreds of companies that have testified to these same results. 

You can try using them for your next promotional campaign. The power of these stickers lies in the number of impressions they make, how attractive they are, and their durability. 

Another thing you should know is that every publicity campaign must be simple. The sophistication of a campaign is embedded in simplicity, especially when using stickers. 

Stickers help you reach the grassroots better. Let’s face it, if you can market your business at the grassroots, you can grow your business and get amazing results.


Sticker marketing promotions help to begin conversations

Here’s another existing fact that has been proven over and over, people will always trust recommendations. At least, ninety percent of people are convenient with a product when it is recommended by word of mouth. 

The truth about word of mouth is that it is hardly ever online, it is almost always offline. When people see your products or stickers carrying your name and logo, it gets them talking. How? It is quite understandable, interest.

A person’s curiosity is sparked when he or she sees a new image of a product. This is even more probable when the individual had a prior interest in that sort of product. Now imagine what you would be achieved with brand printed stickers that you hand to a couple of your clients.

When they take these low-cost stickers to their homes or place them on their belongings, they attract interest. Immediately their family members or friends see these stickers, they want to know what they are about. A new conversation begins.

What are they talking about? Your business, your products or services, and how to get access to your business location. Do you see how much sticker marketing promotions can contribute to your business growth rate?


Promoting sales

A couple of times a year, your business may want to run sales promotions. This is normal, especially when you sell clothing and accessories. If you don’t tell people about your sales promotions, they wouldn’t have an idea and it will all be a waste.

So what do you do? You have to publicize your sales and what better way than through low-cost stickers?

Simply print stickers carrying information about the sales promotion and the products involved. You should also add information about the prices slashed and then add your business name, contact, and logo.

Once people catch a glimpse of your stickers, they are immediately captivated by the information on the stickers. For a second, put yourself in their shoes. What happens to you when you see 20% off? 

Of course, you want to read the rest of the information on the sticker. When you read further, you want to visit the store and make a purchase. This is exactly how your prospects will feel when they see your stickers.


Personalize product packaging

This can be achieved using very small stickers. Simply put your business details on the stickers then place the stickers on the packages.

You can even be creative and add a small thank you note on your brand printed stickers. Your clients would definitely love the idea and would appreciate the intent more. It should always be your aim to make your clients happy, use stickers to achieve that with ease.


The potency of sticker marketing promotions cannot be overemphasized. In this post, you have learned that you cannot ignore the stickers for your promotions. You can order stickers online or print yours by yourself. If you have any demand for custom personalized stickers, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.

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