Best ways to style a fanny pack

by lola

When you hear the word ‘fanny pack’, what do you think about? What pops up in your mind? If you think a fanny pack is outdated, think again! Fanny packs are wonderful fashion accessories that is underrated and underappreciated.

For those of you wondering how this item can improve your style when everyone feels like it’s outdated, a clear fanny pack can give you this chic, trendy, or sporty look without you putting in much effort.

Although fanny packs were trending so much in the last decade but began to drop in popularity, manufacturers have begun to spring up newer designs and models that fit today’s fashion world.

And they are doing an excellent job!

If you didn’t enjoy or get to experience the fanny pack trend in those days, you may be wondering how to pull it off without looking weird or outdated.

Here are some ways to rock a fanny pack with grace and elegance. Shall we?

Best ways to style a fanny pack

1. Accessorize your streetwear with it

What does this mean?

You may be going down the street to meet up with friends or head for a casual event in a sweatshirt and pants. Accessorize your outfit with a chic fanny pack and watch your outfit take on another look.

Fanny packs are great because they combine two basic things that every fashion accessory should have- functionality and versatility. Designer fanny packs combine beauty too.

2. Pair it with a button-up shirt and khaki trouser

This is the perfect combination of professional and casual. Put on a button-up shirt, pair it with a khaki trouser, and then use a black fanny pack to bring out a unique design.

This style is amazing because the fanny pack can be designed in multiple ways, depending on how fashionable the wearer is. First of all, you can use it the conventional way by setting it on your waist or slightly above it.

Secondly, you can use it as a sling or shoulder bag, which withdraws it a little from the professional to casual look.

Finally, you can use the strap as a belt for your khaki trouser, so it becomes the focal point of your outfit.

3. Accessorize a mini dress

Who told you that you can’t rock a fanny pack to a party?

You can wear it across your stomach on a nice mini party dress and a nice stiletto. Parties and casual events can be crowded, so personal belongings can be difficult to keep track of if they are not with you.

With a fanny pack, your worries are all over. You can keep your phone, cards, keys, wallet, and other valuables close to you while shaking your body on the dance floor. So much flexibility!

4. Wear it underneath a jacket

Another way to rock a fanny pack is to wear it underneath the jacket. It’s one of the best ways to use a fanny pack while improving your style game.

People behind you won’t see it coming. People before you would be surprised and intrigued.

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