Drawbacks of Pet-Keeping and Using a Training Collar

by lola

For pet owners without children, owning one is as close to being a parent as anything can be. You have a living animal to feed, protect, groom, train, clothing, etc. In return, pets provide companionship, love, mental support, and, in cases of some doggies, security. However, pet ownership is not always a win-win situation. Training a pup to be smart and adhere to household rules comes alongside a bunch of drawbacks. Here is a discussion of some obstacles that accompany cat or dog ownership.

1. Financial implications

Obtaining a domestic pet, especially a puppy, may be expensive, but maintaining the cutie can nearly drive you nuts. Grooming, feeding, vet visits, pet sitters, boarding all come with monetary expenses. Statistics show the average monthly cost of keeping a dog between $125 and $824, while the cost of pet sitters and boarding can amount up to between $100 and $300.

Vet visits could add up to $1100 a month, inclusive of accidents and emergencies.

2. They can be a cause of nuisance.

From peeing on your clean carpet to unstuffing your cotton pillows, no doubt having a pet can be aggravating. Barking non-stop when you’re trying to get your afternoon nap in is undoubtedly annoying.

  1. Hygiene, Cleanliness

Every cat or dog owner can attest to the immense challenge of pets relieving themselves in the most inappropriate places, especially when they’re younger or sick.

Ridding couches and linens of dog or cat fur is also a daily practice for pet owners. Clean freaks that keep pets must stay on edge from all the mess that is always created.

4. Pets can be dangerous

There are cases where pets have turned against and harmed their owners. Though an uncommon occurrence, it is still a possibility, especially if your dog or cat has exhibited aggressive tendencies

5. Time commitment

Cats and dogs are social creatures that thrive well around the presence of other humans and animals. Like babies, both love attention and don’t cope well with their owners’ extended absence.

Therefore, owners have to spare time of their presumed busy schedule to cuddle, walk, groom, or play with the pet. People with very tight schedules consider this a significant setback in animal parenting.

6. Training

Training isn’t an easy feat, but it’s an excellent determiner for how your dog will act all its life. Some dog is easy to train while others just don’t get it. If you don’t have the time nor patience, pet-training be exasperating.

7. Social limitations

Traveling with a pup or a kitty can be very challenging, given the fact that the cuties may be very uneasy during the journey. Some pets have travel anxiety, coupled with the fact that pets are frequently in need of toilet breaks.

Some dogs are too aggressive and can harm other dog’s animals and humans as well. Excessive barking can rub your neighbors the wrong way, causing strained relationships.

Final Thoughts


No doubt, pets are precious and can certainly brighten your world, but it’s crystal clear owning a pet can become tedious and unbearable for several reasons. Keeping a pet can cause inconveniences for you and those around you. You could even be discouraged from keeping pets anymore.

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