Facts About Human Hair Bundles You Should Know

by lola

Human hair or virgin hair wigs or wigs are a notable trend to most women. The hair is loved due to its good quality and pure nature. A wide range of human hair bundles like Peruvian bundles are flooded in the market and are among the most sought-after products in the hair industry. Narrowing down to the kind of hair you want is challenging, and a bit of understanding is needed to pick the best fit. We expound on facts about human hair bundles.

Facts About Human Hair Bundles

‘Hair bundles’ is a common terminology often heard when people are talking about hair. However, most people don’t understand what it means.

What is a Hair Bundle?

It refers to a single weft hair, rolled up and tied loosely into knots, ready for use. The weft holds the strands in place, and its size varies depending on the hair; some are long, others are short. Hair bundles are bought in sets of 3 or 4, but the number can change based on the number required to install a full weave. A bundle weighs approximately 100gms but can vary slightly depending on the texture. They are made from black or dark brown human hair; however, other color shades are also available.

How Many Bundles of Hair Do You Need?

The number varies based on the style you wish to achieve, the length, and the size of your head. Someone with a smaller head will use less than one with a more extensive-sized head. Factors such as length are a vital determinant. Longer hair requires more bundles than shorter hair. Human hair has different textures, which play a role in knowing the number of bundles. For a fuller look, straight hair will need more bundles than wavy or curly hair but ensure you consider your natural hair’s volume to avoid weighing it down.

What is the Importance of Using Hair Bundles?

1. High-quality

Hair bundles, primarily Peruvian, are known for their excellent quality, giving the clients value for their money. Since the hair is gotten from one donor, you are sure that blending various strands hasn’t occurred. The bundles have cuticles facing the same direction; hence no processing has taken place.

2. Reduces the Work Load

Weaves are bought for many reasons like beauty, a protective style, and saving time and energy needed to take care of the natural hair. It would take so much time to attach each strand to your hair, and if this were the case, only a few people would agree to this. Having the hair in bundles makes work easier and saves time.

3. To Increase Length and Volume

Hair bundles allow you to have long hairstyles as well as short styles. When you need to part the hair in whichever way, different lengths of bundles are required to achieve the layers. It is easier to tell the volume of hair when in bundles. Certain styles need a larger quantity than others; therefore, when buying, saying you need 2 or 3 bundles is ideal.

Final Words

With the information above, you are in a better position to understand the facts about hair bundles. Knowing the importance, you can have them installed to change your look to a more colorful or straightforward style. Seek advice from a stylist in case you still can’t figure out how many bundles you require. The stylist doesn’t guess the number but checks the size of your head, length, volume, and texture you want.

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