How to extend your e-cigarettes battery life

by lola

You might have realized that the battery of your vaporizer does not last long. It is probably not charging and you might be looking for ways to extend your battery life. Here are a few ways that can help prolong the battery life of your vaporizer and make it perform better.

  • Make sure you turn your vaporizer battery off after you use it

When you are not using your vaporizer, put it off so that you can save power. The same way you would not leave your television or coffee maker on when you are not using it and so it does not make sense when you leave your vaporizer on. One reason why the battery of your vaporizer runs down is that many people leave their device on thinking it is not using power or that the battery is not affected. If you leave your vaporizer on, it would suck the power of your battery. All you have to do is turn off the battery when you are not making use of it and save your battery.

  • Regularly use your vape batteries
e-cigarettes battery

The battery that is found in a vaporizer is like the battery found on a cell phone. To maintain the performance of your phone, you make use of it regularly. That is the same with the vaporizer, if you want it to perform properly then you have to use it each day. If you do not use your battery daily, its performance will gradually become slow. So, try using it regularly even if it’s for a few minutes. This would extend the battery life and allow it to function well.

  • Do not overcharge

While you would want your vaporizer battery to be fully charged, never make the mistake of leaving it to charge overnight. It could be tempting, yes, but it is not advisable. You might wonder why but the reason is that overcharging the batteries can reduce the life of the batteries and also reduce the lifespan of the battery. If the battery becomes fully charged and it is still charging, it would be damaged. So, charge your battery until it is full and unplug it. If you cannot wait for it to get fully charged, unplug it. That is safer than letting your battery get damaged.

  • Do not allow your vaporizer battery to get drained.

To avoid replacing your e-cigarette battery regularly, make sure your battery does not get drained fully. Much energy is needed to recharge a battery that is fully drained then a battery that is half drained. It is safer to charge a battery that is half empty than charging a battery that is fully drained so that you do not put unnecessary strain on the battery. The lower the level of the battery life, the more energy is needed to charge it back. When much energy is used on a battery, it weakens the strength of the battery. A weakened battery would eventually stop working and then you should need to replace it.

e-cigarettes battery

These are few tips on how to extend the battery life of your vaporizer. Looking to get an e-cigarette soon? That would surely be the right choice.

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