How to Keep Your Lace Closure Looking Good?

by lola

A woman’s hair is her crown. Good-looking hair boosts her confidence, promotes her style, and captures the attention of various people. The growth of the hair industry is a result of the increased demand for different hair to serve multiple purposes. Many hair types have been introduced, like human hair and synthetic wigs, weaves, extensions and bundles. Human hair wigs are preferred by many due to reasons like having a hd lace closure, good quality, and natural appearance. The need for lace closures to close installations is high, so proper maintenance is vital. We discuss lace closure maintenance tips below.

How to Keep Your Lace Closure Looking Good

A well-maintained lace closure can be reused multiple times, saving you the money needed to get a new one. Follow the ways below to keep it in good condition.

1. Handle it gently

Lace closures are very delicate and get ruined easily if mishandled. The lace that acts as the wig-base is light, yet several strands of hair are connected to it individually. Unlike natural hair emerging from the scalp, these strands are not permanently secured on your head. They break or come out through actions like continuous pulling or tagging, vigorous brushing, or the forceful removal of knots and tangles. Always take your time to wash and comb the closure to keep everything intact. Gently comb from the roots outwards while pressing it on your head.

2. Use the necessary hair products

Applying products to your hair helps to keep it moisturized and shiny. Exposure to the sun or frequent washing makes the closure dry, and the strands break over time. A good conditioner, oil, or spray holds the moisture in and keeps the hair soft. It also restores its lustrous look that tends to fade away with time. Choose genuine products meant for such hair to avoid exposing the closure to harsh chemicals.

3. Keep away from excessive heat

Avoiding heat entirely would be a great decision if possible. However, there are several incidents where heat is necessary, like during styling. Heat application quickly changes the hair from straight to curly and vice versa or even wavy depending on your desire. Despite being important, using heat often and in excess is dangerous for the closure. It leads to weakening and breakage of hair strands, making the closure unattractive.

4. Carry out basic maintenance before sleeping

Basic maintenance refers to the simple things that contribute to the appearance of the closure, like brushing, proper covering, and light spraying. Brushing detangles the hair, and spraying provides the needed moisture. Covering your hair when sleeping is advisable to help you retain a particular style and protect the strands from unnecessary rubbing.

Bottom Line

Caring for your lace closure will undoubtedly improve its appearance but also serve you longer. Maintenance should be done regularly. You can carry out the process yourself or have a hairstylist do it at a fee. Always be gentle, minimize heat usage and apply the necessary hair products for good results.


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