The ins and outs of Human Hair Wigs

by lola

A woman’s hair is a symbol of her beauty. Women take pride in their mane and treat them with so much care. From using pricy products to constant visits to the salon, there is little that a woman won’t do to take care of her hair. However, not all women have long and lustrous natural hairs. For this reason, hair wigs, especially human hair wigs, were invented. In this post, we look at an overview of human hair wigs.

Basics of Human Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs are made from actual human hair. The hairs are mixed with some chemicals that are used to sanitize them. The chemicals sometimes strip the hairs of their natural color and curl patterns. The amount of chemicals used and the type of manufacturing significantly affects the quality of the hair that is produced. When the chemicals are too strong, the integrity of the hair is affected. When good quality and amount of chemical is used, the quality of hair produced is impeccable. Such hair is more expensive for obvious reasons. In the manufacturing process, the follicles of the hair are made to run in the same direction hence preventing the resulting wig from tangling.

There are four types of human hair wigs. They are Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, and European human hair wigs.

  • Chinese human hair- This is the most popular type of human hair wig that is manufactured from Asian hair. The reason its popularity is because these Asian hair is extremely straight because it has thicker denier. Asian hair is also more resistant to curl. It is, therefore, the hardest to style among all the types of human hair.
  • Indonesian human hair- Indonesian hair is the most abundant; hence it is the most inexpensive of the four types. It is easier to style than Chinese hair and a bit finer.
  • Indian human hair- Indian hair has thinner denier like European hair. It, however has more texture than the other types, including European hair.  
  • European human hair- European hair is the most sought after and the most expensive because of its fine denier. Its supply in the market is more limited than that of the other types.

What makes human hair wigs stand out?

Human hair wigs are costlier than their counterparts (synthetic hair wigs). One of the main reasons why this is the case is that they provide a more natural feel and look. They are also very soft with movement and shine that synthetic wigs cannot match. The fact that they are natural also makes them more versatile. This means that you can cut and style a human hair wig in any way that you want. They can also get blow-dried and dyed depending on the needs and the preferences of the wearer. They are also more durable than synthetic hair wigs. Note that there are knock-off versions of human hair wigs in the market that sell at cheaper prices.


Human hair wigs require special maintenance. You must use specific hair products that are designed for highly processed human hair. The wig also has to be conditioned and hydrated regularly. Failure to take care of your wig will lead it to fall out and become useless.

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