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by lola

The semi-frameless shower is not particularly new but it is still quite trendy. The semi-frameless shower is different from the framed and frameless shower designs. The semi-frameless sliding shower is extremely “pocket friendly” for those on a budget.

There are various patterns or models of semi-frameless shower screens. For this article, we will mainly focus on the semi-frameless sliding shower screen. We will highlight its advantage(s) when compared with other semi-frameless shower screen types. But before we even go any further, what exactly is a semi-frameless sliding shower screen?

What is a Semi-Frameless Sliding Shower Screen?

The semi-frameless sliding shower screen opens by sliding (along a prepared axis) into a position behind the immobile portion of the door. A semi-frameless sliding shower screen simply refers to one of the many designs available for those you decide to do for the semi-frameless shower option. The semi-frameless shower is a very nice compromise between the framed shower and the frameless shower option.

The semi-frameless shower screen options available are all much more refined and aesthetically pleasing than the framed shower screens. Moreover, in as much as the semi-frameless shower screens might not be as sleek as the frameless shower screens, it has an obvious advantage over them financially speaking. So you could say that the semi-frameless shower screen is the right option for someone on a budget looking to get top quality on somewhat limited funds.

Types of Semi-Frameless Shower Screens

They are various types of semi-frameless shower screens. They are all made of the same component (reinforced glass held together at the edges by metal). However, the differentiating factors are limited to a few traits. These traits include:

The Doors: They could be sliding or they could be pivotal. Depending on the size of the shower, it could be a double sliding or double pivotal feature.

The Glass: With regard to the glass, the options for differentiation are much more. The thickness of the glass, the innate color, or clarity of the glass could vary. There could even be designs etched on the glass and the design options vary as well.  

The Advantages of the Semi-Frameless Sliding Shower Screen

Well, the advantages of the semi-frameless sliding shower screen over other forms of semi-frameless shower screens are not very much. However, the sliding shower screen is much more appreciated, and here is why:

The shower screen uses up less space after installation compared to the space used up by the pivotal doors. This is because while the pivotal door needs more space for opening, the sliding does not need any extra space.

The shower screen looks more fashionable compared to the pivotal door system.

In conclusion, if you are planning on getting the shower screen, go right ahead. You are very much on the right track to making your bathroom look even classier than it already is.

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