Reasons Why You Should Know Your Wig Length

by lola

You must know how to measure the length of a ginger wig or other wig types correctly. It will help you to determine the ideal wig length for you. There are three conventional wig lengths in the market: short, mid-length, and long wigs. Now, look at each category in detail below before you dive into measuring your wig length.

1. Short Wig

If you are still unsure about chopping off your hair, short wigs are an excellent option for you. They offer a polished and professional look that some people like. What’s more, you will have unlimited style options with these wigs.

2. Mid-length

Get on top of the trending styles by trying a mid-length wig. The wigs are versatile, and you can easily switch from a sleek updo to having messy and undone hair. In addition, the wig length tends to beautifully shape your face while distinctly showing your face’s natural structure.

3. Long Wigs

Do you wish to experience the feeling of having long hair? Long wigs will give you the feminine look you desire. With your long wig, you have endless possibilities like letting the hair down, curling, braiding or styling it.

Importance of Correctly Measuring Wig Length

Determining the correct wig length is crucial for the following reasons;

1. To Find a Wig That Suits You Well

When you measure the correct wig length, you can determine the ideal wig for you. Wig lengths vary, and each type will fit you differently. Getting the right proportions will ensure you buy a wig that suits you.

2. To Avoid Wasting Money

Full lace wigs and hairs extensions are expensive. Also, having a professional install them will cost you a lot of cash. Therefore, you need to be sure of the wig length to avoid wasting money.

How To Measure Wig Length

As aforementioned, wigs have different lengths ranging from 8 -30inches. Wig length shows where the hair strands will fall when you wear it. Keep in mind that wig length has different variations depending on a few aspects like hair texture, your features, and how it was installed. So, it would help if you remember this whenever you want to purchase a wig. To get a better idea of this concept, look at the steps below to measure wig length.

1. For straight Hair

You need to have a tape measure or a ruler for measuring purposes. If you use your natural hair as a reference, the wig length will be from the hair roots on your head’s crown to the end of the hair strands. However, if you have a hairpiece that you are using as a reference, you need to put it on a stand. Instead of measuring from the roots, you will start from the wig’s lace on the crown portion to the tip of the hair strands.

2. For Wavy and Curly Hair

Curly and wavy hair often looks shorter; therefore you need to stretch the hair strands to ensure precise measurement. Measure the length from the roots on your head’s crown to the bottom of the hair while the hair is stretched.


You can determine the correct wig length by following the steps above, hence get the perfect wig for you. You can also get a professional to help you get accurate measurements of the wig.

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