The Process of Putting on a Headband Wig

by lola

A headband wig has proved to be convenient and stylish over the recent years. They are great for everyone but particularly beginners who find wearing common wigs difficult. The hair is sewn on a wig cap, and a headband is attached to its front. You can find different textures in the market fit for any hair type. You can style this type of wig in many ways to create different looks based on the style you are going for. In this post, we look at how to wear a headband wig.

A Guide on How to Wear a Headband Wig

The headband or half wig adds volume to any hairstyle in minutes. It comes with clips, straps, or Velcro tabs to fasten the wig and keep it in place. Here are the steps for installing one.

1. Brush the Headband Wig

Combing the wig is important to remove any knots and tangles. Use different combs for different textures. A wide-toothed comb is ideal for wavy or curly hair, while small combs are suitable for thin headband wigs. Use gentle strokes to prevent the strands from breaking or coming out. Use a wig stand or mannequin for steadiness during the process.

2. Get Your Natural Hair Ready for the Wig

You have your hair styled into cornrows, leaving out the front of your head, comb it towards the back and secure it with pins or hairbands or hold it up in a ponytail. Ensure the hair at the front is flat, sleek, and with no stray strands for a good and neat look. The positioning of your hair also matters during the preparation to prevent the wig from looking bumpy.

 Position the ponytail at the center of the head if the hair is long since it will fall back and if you have short hair, push it back slightly. For the cornrows, make thin or medium-sized sections for uniformity and to keep the wig leveled.

3. Style Your Front or Sectioned Hair

Headband wigs can be placed at the top of your forehead, but to achieve any styling, have the wig band cut across the top of your head. You can brush the hair forward to form bangs, but only if the hair is short. You can also comb it to the sides and tuck it behind the ears or have it all lay backward and have the ends of the strands inside the wig cap. Ensure the wig texture matches your hair for easy styling, create an illusion of the hair being your own, or hide the start of the headband wig.

4. Wear the Headband Wig

Wear the wig to cover the braided hair or wig cap. If you have a wig cap, secure the clips on the wigs to the cap them wear the wig. If your wig has straps, fasten them to your comfort level while wearing the wig. If the wig has a comb to keep it secure, insert it to your rows at the top and do the same on the bottom by sticking it into your hair on the bottom end.


Headbands are easy to wear, and you can achieve several styles in a short time. They have no lace, so visiting the salon or inviting a professional is not necessary. When wearing the wig, you can also use a scarf or extra headband for color addition or look more stylish.

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