The Newbie’s Guide to Styling Human Hair Wigs

by lola

Human hair wigs are expensive but they are worth it because it gives you softer and more natural-looking hair. Given their price, you may be hesitant to experiment with it and try out different styles. But this is actually very possible.

Here, you will know about all the proper ways to style human hair wigs.

Straightening human hair wigs

Straight hair is an effortless look that you do not have to be so conscious about all the time. Your wig can be styled to pull off the rebonded look.

First, do a heat test on a few strands of air. Check if the hair frizzles – if it does this means it is not heat-resistant and you should not use the flat iron on your wig. Human hair wigs can be straightened out but if it has gone through a lot of products already, putting them through a flat iron can permanently ruin your wig.

Even if the wig is okay for straightening, you should protect it from heat damage as you would your natural hair. Use heat protectants on the wig from the roots to the tips.

Curls for human hair wigs

Curls are perfect for those who need more volume around their head. It is a classy look that can demand attention.

Place the wig on a mannequin and comb it properly. Then, place heat protectants to lessen the risk of heat damage.

Next, divide the hair into sections and start clipping them up. Start with one section and curl them until you are finished with every section.

When you are done, scrunch your curls by squeezing them in your hands gently. Finish off the look with hair styling spray.

Waves for human hair wigs

Wavy hair is a common go-to style for women. You can also style your wig the same way. Part the wig into two equal halves and start curling from the tips.

After, use your fingers to brush through the curls – this will turn them into big and tousled wavy hair that will look natural.

Finish up the styling with a hair spray or putting on styling gel.

Styling upkeep

Hairstyling exposes you to a lot of heat damage. If you want to keep on styling your human hair wigs, you should take extra care to maintain them. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Wear non-textured clothing. Clothes that have textures like wool can catch the hair on your wig and may pull on them or cause tangles.
  • Deep condition your human hair wigs to keep them soft and moisturized. If you miss out on this, your wig will look very dry and brittle and they will be hard to touch,
  • Always use heat-protecting spray before you start styling the wig with iron tools.
  • If you are wearing your wig daily, make sure to give your wig a thorough washing at least once a week.

As you can see, you can wear your human hair wigs in different styles just like the way you style your natural hair! Now you can rock curls, waves, and straight hair more often than ever!

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