Areas That Doesn’t Need Pressure Washing in Your Home

by lola

Generally, Pressure washing the home and your environment with quality materials and tools is a helpful idea. But, there are other times when it can be one of the biggest cleaning mistakes that you will ever make, especially if you’re doing it wrongly or washing things that you ordinarily shouldn’t wash.

This piece helps to elaborate on some of the items that you mustn’t pressure wash:

Items That You Mustn’t Pressure Wash

1. Wood Siding

One wrong idea you may be nursing is that the pressure washer in your home performs the same task with the regular pressure hose you know at the car wash. Truth is, the latter is designed to make the process of wiping off brake dust, dust, and some other firms of residues from a vehicle without spoiling its surface.

If you use the pressure washer machine at home to clean your vehicle, you may end up causing damage at the end of the day.

 2. Old Mortar

Pressure washing can damage a landscaped surface and some houses that were designed with old mortar. That’s because if some of the materials are loose, pressure washing can get rid of them entirely; so it’s best to avoid this to prevent having to pay money for repairs.

Go make things easier from the onset, you can always opt for a low-pressure washer &

3. Lead Paint

Even though it may seem like an issue, you shouldn’t try to remove lead paint with a pressure washer. That’s because it isn’t safe to wipe off lead paint and let it get into the air (which can be harmful to health). If you feel you can no longer deal with lewd paint in your surroundings, you can contact a qualified cleaner to come to help you.

4. Vehicles

If you’re using a high-pressure washer to wash your vehicle, bear in mind that it can bring about chops and dents to your vehicle’s paint, and make it prone to rust. Nevertheless, if you want to have your car pressure washed, ensure that the machine is set low. Also, do not wash under the vehicle’s good as water can get into the crevices and cracks – which may lead to severe damages.

5. Asphalt Shingles

Most roofs come with asphalt shingles. If yours is one of them, then pressure washing should be the last thing to think of. That’s because doing so will cause the granules which help to protect the roof against any form of damages.

Besides, reassure washing a high place can be quite dangerous. That’s because the spray wand tends to recoil powerfully and this can catch you off guard and throw you off the ladder. This is more reason why you shouldn’t attempt it.

Final Thoughts

Pressure washing is a good thing to do, hit you must understand that not everything in your outdoor exterior deserves to be roughly cleaned. After reading these tips, and you find out you may be needing help as regards cleaning some areas around your home, ensure to call a professional.

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