The Story and Meaning Behind Saint Judas Necklace

by lola

For many, jewelry is another accessory to complement an outfit or look nice. For others, however, it represents something deeper or a special gift from a loved one. Necklace accessories for religious people depict their saint idols or portrayal of religious affiliation.

For most religious people, the san judas necklace is not just a medal but a far greater representation of Saint Jude. The chain is commonly associated with the Catholic denomination. However, many other people outside Catholics wear it and associate the Saint Judas necklace with his life and story.

The appearance of the Saint Judas Necklace

The most common one depicts St Jude holding a picture of Jesus Christ. This picture represents his service to Christ, which got him killed. St Jude is said to be Judas Thaddeus, one of Jesus Christ’s 12 disciples who served him till his death.

His necklaces and pictures contain a halo ring light representing his purity and martyrdom. He is represented as an older man carrying an axe, which ended his life. Jude has a long beard and is considered a symbol of wisdom. Although most necklaces don’t have it, the bottom part contains the words, “Pray for Us.”

Meaning Behind the Saint Jude Necklace

The medal depicts hope and faith, even during tough times. His martyrdom represents him finding his path even with everything he faced. Some of the necklaces show him wearing a gold chain with Jesus Christ. For many believers, it represents money; hence they view him as a symbol of wealth and money.

Some people believe that the axe he carries symbolizes that he will protect those who stay faithful to Christ. Many criminals, including thieves, have taken this as a belief and use his necklace to get away with crimes.

Celebration and Representation of Saint Jude’s Life

On the 28th of each year, many believers worldwide show up to celebrate his life and death. Many pilgrims and services are dedicated all year round to besiege the saint to pray and bless the remaining Christians.

The name is adjusted to Jude from Judas Iscariot, the betrayer just for differentiation purposes. He is reported as the author of Saint Jude in New Testament Book and is related to James, one of the disciples of Jesus. Saint Jude did much of his pastoral work in Judea and Samaria before his demise. Alongside another apostle, Simon the Zealot, his life was ended using an axe.

His remains are reportedly in Rome alongside other apostles. His central teachings were persistence and perseverance, even during difficult times. His stronghold lies in Mexico and the Philippines, where he is highly celebrated and appreciated.


The San Judas necklace is a special symbol for Christians and non-Christians worldwide. Those familiar with the martyr’s story use this necklace as a protection charm. It ranks among the popular necklaces, especially among Mexicans and the Philippine people, who believe in its protection and wealth. Its popularity continues to grow over time, even among non-religious people. Anyone can use it for these purposes or derive meaning by representing their belief from the necklace.

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