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The use of masks has become quite essential in the face of the outbreak of corona. Dental masks are one of the varieties of masks that are provided for protection against viral infections. In many ways, dental masks offer the maximum resistance to contraction of airborne diseases and diseases enclosed in droplets to an extent.

Usually, dental masks are used by medical practitioners while carrying out medical procedures on their patients. However, its use has become adopted by all and sundry in the face of the recent pandemic. Certain features distinguish dental masks in terms of efficiency and protection, and some of these features are not entirely obvious. This article highlights some of those features that set dental masks amongst other types of masks.

Bacterial filtering effectiveness

Safe to say it’s not all types of face masks that are capable of keeping little bacterias away from your system. However, dental masks are capable of keeping out even the smallest bacterias that can cause damage to you.

Particle filtering effectiveness

Masks are used in most cases to filter harmful airborne particles. The hazardous germs are transported from person to person via the air they breathe. Dental masks are designed to filter out even the tiniest of particles, and this is precisely why it’s often recommended for use during viral outbreaks. Usually, the goal is for the mask to filter out a minimum of 95% particles that try to go through it.


Despite the need for masks to filter out airborne agents that could prove harmful, there’s always a need for the user to be able to breathe comfortably. The breathability index of the dental mask is measured by checking the pressure differences on the two sides of the mask. A quality dental mask gives you more than enough room to breathe comfortably without getting stuffed up.

Fluid resisting capabilities

Droplets of fluids are often inhibited by harmful microbes. A section of face masks being used today do not have the capability of filtering these microbes as they are not designed to shut out the liquid. When such fluid penetrates the mask and subsequently comes into contact with your face, it could prove harmful. Dental masks can shut out liquid droplets to an extent and, thus, prevent the spread of infections via these droplets.


These characteristics refer to the tendency of the mask being caught up in flame when brought close to the fire. There’s a high chance that you’d be conducting routine activities while having your mask on. Dental masks have a very low flammability level, and this means they can be worn without having to bother about being having your face burnt.

Final thought

The use of face masks is not a definitive way of keeping infections out of your facial openings. However, these masks provide resistance to an extent against these harmful infections when worn correctly. Dental masks are one of the recommended masks that provide optimal prevention against viral and bacterial infections.

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