Here is why you should gift a personalised necklace

by lola
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Do you want to give someone a gift? You may be wondering what gift to give. Do you want to give something that the recipient will cherish and hold dear?

Well, you can gift a personalised necklace. Do you know why?

Great experience for both taker and giver

There is no better gift than a necklace that has your name on it or a photo that reminds you of good memories. It is exciting to receive a gift that is just for you and not a generic item picked from a store. It shows that the person giving it to you really thought about the present.

The giver also enjoys the experience of having a unique product made just for the taker. There is great joy in knowing you are having something extraordinary made for that special person.

Can be customised based on givers preference

Do you want the necklace to have a name, place or date written on it or do you want it engraved with a picture? Should it have a birthstone? When you are getting a customised necklace, you can have it added whatever you prefer. You have a say on the outcome.

For example, you could have it inscribed with a date special to both of you or a name that has special meaning to the taker.

What’s more, you can choose the design and the colour that you prefer. There are many types of 1personalized necklaces. These include name necklaces, Russian rings, bar necklace, photo engraved necklaces, interlocking heart necklaces and many other styles. The necklace can be in gold, silver, rose gold or gold plated among other options.

Gift wrap

Once the necklace is personalised, it is then wrapped as a gift by the jeweller.  This makes it easy for the giver since there is no need to gift-wrap it again.

Helps to preserve great memories

Was it your first kiss or the place you went on your first date? A personalised necklace provides a way to preserve those special moments. Such a necklace is unique and can be kept for a long time. Some of these are passed down as heirlooms.

Can be worn by all

Men or women can wear a personalised necklace. You can have mum necklaces or dad necklaces personalised using names of spouse or the kids or engraved an important image. For example, you can have a personalised necklace with the names of the kids engraved or with a family photo and gift it to the mom or dad or both. You could have a similar necklace made for each of them.

Personalised necklaces make perfect gifts for bringing families together and strengthening their bond. A family photo on the necklace or interlocking hearts engraved necklace or name necklace can be a constant reminder of your love for family or that special moment. This can make an ideal gift from a spouse, from the kids or any other family member. It will keep the memories alive and that special person close to your heart.

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