Top types of lace that you can use in making dresses

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lace fabrics

Lace fabrics remain one of the most exquisite pieces of fashion item that’s been in vogue in recent times. Even though the material is quite delicate due to its weblike fabric, its popularity has never waned. Lace materials are made by hand or via machine, depending on the pattern to be made. It’s not surprising that the use of lace has been embraced by several cultures of the world.

The outward appearance of the lace fabric is often determined by the type of thread used in producing it; materials range from silk and linen to cotton. These threads are usually picked from a variety of colours that enhance the aesthetic appeal of the fabric. There is a wide variety of lace materials being produced today, and each material has its unique patterns. This article highlights some of the various types of lace you can get on your way to making a beautiful dress.

Bobbin Lace

Bobbin lace is made via the use of bobbins as the name suggests; the bobbins are combined with a pillow to create a lovely pattern of lace. Spools of thread are wind on several bobbins, and they are woven around pins or straws to create the design. Bobbin lace is a common type of lace, and it is used in most parts of Europe.

Guipure lace

Guipure lace is a type of lace that’s stiff and firm; it usually doesn’t possess a net background like other lace types. It’s produced by creating several carefully embroidered stitches over a beautiful fabric that’s eventually not visible on the final piece. In some climes, the guipure lace has elements that are connected through the use of braids. You could shop guipure lace when you need to create jackets, skirts or any casual wear.

Lyon Lace

Lyon lace consists of a seemingly intricate pattern of design produced from pure cotton material. It is woven on a lightweight material that’s bordered by cord threads in such a way that it forms a design.

Lyon lace is often employed in creating very exquisite wedding dresses and bridal gowns.

Chantilly lace

One of the more popular types of lace fabrics around the world due to its unique features. Chantilly lace consists of a lightweight lace that’s sewn on a net background while the edges are subsequently wrapped with silk threads. Chantilly is usually preferred due to its very light background and patterned details. It originates from France, but it’s widely used all over the world for bridal gowns and casual wears.

Embroidered lace

It could be argued that this particular lace type was designed with perfection in mind. It’s adorned with an array of ribbons, beads and satin stitches that make it stand out. Embroidered lace is ideal for a wide variety of dresses due to its detailed designs.

Final Thoughts

It’s almost impossible to have the perfect wedding dress without a touch of lace on it. Also, the addition of lace materials on casuals gives these wears a bit of added beauty. There are a wide variety of lace types, as outlined in this article, and each type could prove class on your wear.

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