Common types of lipsticks you should know about

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Lipsticks are the most popular makeup product in the world. They are also one of the oldest because they were introduced commercially in the early 16th century. Over the years, the market has seen the introduction of several types of lipsticks, which you can find here;

Types of lipsticks

Below are some of the most common types of lipsticks in the market;

1. Cream lipsticks

Cream lipsticks are very common. Contrary to what the name suggests, cream lipsticks are not shinny but smooth. They produce an even look, and they can get coupled with a lip gloss if you are looking for a great shiny look. What makes cream lipsticks different from other types is that they contain more wax than other lipstick types. Note, the wax element is beneficial because it protects your lips from drying. This type of lipstick is ideal for women with small lips.

2. Gloss Lipsticks

Gloss lipsticks are characterized by the shinny look they produce. Women commonly use them with small and thin lips because they give an illusion of bigger lips. You can use the gloss individually. However, some people prefer to combine the gloss with regular lipstick.

3. Lipstick stains

Lipstick stains are all about color as opposed to shining. Regardless, they are still prevalent because they are long-lasting. They are also incredible because they are of low-maintenance and high impact. The fact that lipstick stains are available in a wide range of colors and designs is also advantageous. They come in the form of pencils, and they create the best look when they are layered in different colors. They are easy to use and beautiful.

4. Matte lipsticks

Matte lipsticks are in many ways similar to stain. For one, they are shine-free, unlike gloss and cream lipsticks. Matte lipsticks convey pure color, smoothness, and an even texture. This is an ideal type of lipstick if you are looking to achieve a dark and dramatic shade. Note that matte lipsticks are made using a lot of wax and very little oil. This means that you have to prepare your lips before applying them. Failure to do this will cause them to look awful. However, you can always count on this type of lipstick to stay on for an entire day or night without any touch-up.

5. Satin

Also known as sheer lipsticks, they provide a lot of color and more shine. They are easy to apply, and they blend nicely with various lip colors. However, they come off quickly, and they require a lot of touch-ups.

6. Moisturizing lipsticks

These lipsticks are made using additives like glycerin, vitamin E, and aloe vera. These ingredients are designed to moisturize your lips hence the name of the product deeply. They feature a glossy finish with a bit of glimmer.

7. Pearl lipsticks

Also known as frost lipsticks, these are designed to make your lips glisten and sparkle. It is also worth noting that they reflect light. The downside is that they can sometimes cause dryness, cracking, and heaviness in your lips. To prevent these downsides, you have to moisturize beforehand.


Note that the types of lipsticks mentioned above are just the most popular. However, there are more than two dozen types of lipsticks in the market. Having this knowledge will help you decide on the best product to use.

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