The Secret to being a confident plus-size woman

by lola

If you meet an average plus-size woman, there is a high chance that she is either not confident or is battling with low self-esteem because of her appearance. Seeing a plus-size woman secure in her size and appearance often surprises a lot of people. This is sad because it’s not supposed to be. Definitely not in all ramifications.

The average plus-size woman often struggles with a lot of things. She can’t go to any random clothing store to buy stuff. She has to go to a store that sells wholesale plus size maxi dresses to get a wide range of clothes. She is often confused as a parent instead of a sibling and bears the societal judgmental look alone.

But that shouldn’t be the case. Plus-size women should learn to be confident in their appearance and do things that make them happy.

How can you be confident in your appearance?

How to be confident as a plus-size woman

1. Be very active

Working out isn’t a punishment. A lot of plus-size women go to work or handle large families, so they don’t have much time to work out in the morning or evening. However, being active will help you feel better about yourself and boost your self-esteem.

Walk an hour and/or do yoga at least twice a week. The walk or exercise doesn’t have to be very intense. It can be a simple leisure work around your neighborhood or a few stretches.

2. Hang around other plus-size women

Oh, but I’m trying to lose weight. I don’t want to hang around people that don’t motivate me to lose weight or look better.

This has nothing to do with that. When you hang around other plus-size women, you won’t feel ashamed of your appearance because you realize that it’s normal. There is nothing wrong with you. You’re extremely beautiful, and you need constant reminders of that.

If you want to lose weight, join a fitness club that helps plus-size women lose weight. There, you’re all on the journey together. This also applies to social media. Unfollow people that make you compare yourself or your lifestyle with them. Do things at your pace.

3. Be honest and open about your experiences

One of the things plus-size women face, especially if you’re the only plus-size person in your family, is the unnecessary concern about your appearance and health. They’ll always tell you to cut down on your food, won’t allow you to be expressive enough because of your weight, and for sure, will try to limit how much fun you have.

Even though their concerns are very genuine and would want you to live a long life, it can get uncomfortable at times.

You need to have healthy and open conversations about how you feel with your family and friends. Tell them to stop pestering you about your weight. Even though you’re working hard to fight obesity, you can take one or two cheat days to satisfy your cravings.

You’re a human being, not some lab rat.

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