Where to flaunt your Cycle Chic

by lola

In our latest post, Copenhagen Cycle Chic founder Mikael Colville Andersen talks to us about a few places that are Cycle Chic.

“Even after having taken over 10,000 photos of Citizen Cyclists in Copenhagen and around the world, I still remember the moment I took each shot. I may not recall the month or the year, but each moment is registered.

Rio de Janeiro is a surprisingly bicycle-friendly city. The cycle tracks along the famous Copacabana and Ipanema beaches are, in particular, filled with cycling citizens heading to work or to the beach. You’ll see more cyclists carrying surfboards in one day in Rio than in the rest of the world combined.


Japan is the world’s third great bicycle nation, after Denmark and the Netherlands. This chap was heading home from school in Fukushima, before that name became associated with tragic events. Note the umbrella along the back wheel. Ready in case of rain.

Suits You Budapest

This shot was taken by one of my friends in The Cycle Chic Republic, Gál Zoltán, for Hungarian Cycle Chic in Budapest. The Hungarian capital is a poster child for promoting cycling positively, and the rapid rise in the city’s bicycle culture over the past five years is an inspiration to other cities around the world.


In mainstream bicycle cultures, the wheels roll all year round. Not least in Vienna, as illustrated in this shot by Paul Rasper, from Vienna Cycle Chic. Nothing like a 40 metre long scarf to keep you warm.”

Mikael Colville Andersen is the author of Cycle Chic, available now from our website and all good bookshops, priced at £14.95

Cycle Chic

See below for an interview with Mikael from inframe.tv

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