Issues and Causes of Pressure Washers for First-Timers

by lola

While using the pressure washers, there are quite a number of issues that could arise. While some of these issues might turn out to be problems, not all of them are. As customers, it would be excellent if people had an idea of what is not a problem. This way they will be able to handle a few of these conditions on their own. Check for more details.

Granted, not all possible conditions concerning the pressure washers would be covered. But we will consider a lot of the problems which a person would be able to identify and handle. Even if one does not exactly want to handle the problem on his or her own, knowledge does not hurt. Knowing what exactly is wrong with the pressure washer could save some cash at critical moments.

At least, this knowledge would save many people from spending unnecessary funds on a replacement. Instead of replacement, a lot of these pressure washers simply require maintenance. We will consider the top 3 scenarios recognized by the manufacturers. These seven scenarios and their probable causes are not absolute. But they are the most likely scenarios.

Issues and their Probable Causes While Using Pressure Washers

1. Lack of Water Ejection

The first complaint might be that no water is ejected even after the gun has been triggered. This is a pretty common scenario among mew customers. This is because they have not handled pressure washers in the past. A lot of people are quite quick to panic at this problem. But almost ironically regardless of how serious it sounds, it is anything but.

The most probable cause of this is cessation of water ejection is simply nozzle clogging. After experiencing this once, most people can avoid it. This is because they notice certain signs. These signs let them know that a cleaning section is due.

2. Leaking Oil

The second complaint might be that the pressure washer suddenly began leaking oil. This is a slightly more challenging problem than the first. This most likely implies that the seal of the pressure washer is worn. In this situation, one simply has to contact an Authorized Service Centre. The closer the Centre is to the customer, the better.

3. Leaking Water

Third, this time we have water leaking from the machine and not oil. It’s a machine that powers water, yes. But when water begins dripping from anywhere aside from the nozzle, a problem has arisen. It is likely that the safety valve has tripped and is discharging or the seals might simply be worn.

If it turns out to be the former, an Authorized Service Centre is to be contacted. As for the latter, the Authorized Service Centre is still to be contacted for seal replacement. These are the most ideal approaches to the issue.


Most times, these approaches work. But if one feels that the problem might be more complex do not hesitate to contact us. Visiting the Authorized Service Centre closest to us is a very logical decision.

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