How to Pick the Perfect Cargo Pants For This Season?

by lola

Pantalon Cargo was made popular by the British Armed Forces before civilians adopted it for their casual outfits. Designers such as Hardy Ameies, Brunello Cucinelli, and others revived these cargo pants to become trendy outfits worldwide.

While both men and women can wear cargo pants, some men make mistakes in rocking their outfits. In this article, we will talk about these mistakes to help you get a better pair of cargo pants:

Too many cargo pants pockets

You do not need more than two pockets for your cargo pants. You should not follow others who wear pants with many pockets because that is a fashion mistake.

Wearing cargo pants with the wrong clothes

These pants are super-casual when you wear them as combat trousers. You must not wear them with blazers, collared shirts, dress shoes, or suit jackets.

You can wear the pants with polo shirts and sweaters, including sneakers, boots, outdoor jackets, leather, or denim.

Choosing your cargo pants’ pattern

While cargo pants are casual, you should learn how to pick your pattern. Please do not use it for some formal events because you might look out of place.

Instead of wearing it with camouflage, go for neutral colors such as olive green, charcoal, khaki, and navy blue.

Pantalon cargo buying guide 

Different types Of cargo

  • Slim Fit Cargo Pants for men: We have seen loose or baggy pants for men, but there is even the stylish skinny slim design you can rock. You can wear the slimline modern street designs to blend creativity with a traditional outlook. Wear loafers or sneakers to look super smart during the summer.
  • Cargo Shorts: The cargo shorts are amazing for your outdoor activities. You can pair the pants with a t-shirt.
  • Cargo Jogger Pants: You can wear your pants in different styles; streetwear and sportswear. These two styles have become popular and can be combined with casual outfits.

Cargo Pants Ideas

  1. Summer Casual: Go for the khaki-colored pants and blend them with sneakers and polo to look laid-back and cute.
  2. Chill Style: You can pair your pants with well-fitted shirts to give you a classy formal and causal appearance for your evening outings. 
  3. Athletic Cargo: You can transform your pants to the sporty aspect using sneakers or loafers for your choice of cargos.

What to consider when choosing cargo pants?

  • Waist: Since you are not a military person, you do not need the high-waist cargo. Instead, you should go for the civilian-friendly style. This type of cargo sits comfortably between the belly button and the hips. 
  • Thighs: Go for either loose or tight cargos to give you that appearance you get when you rock your chinos.
  • Ankle: Select the cargos that are slimmer at the ankle. 
  • Length: The cargos should be long enough to give you space for your turn-ups. When you wear cargos, they should show off your shoes or boots.
  • Pockets: We said earlier in the article that you do not need more than two pockets for your cargo pants.

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