Is it Okay to Make Your Bridesmaids Wear a Cocktail Dress?

by lola

Before, a cocktail dress is barely considered for a bridesmaid dress but these days, it has turned out to be a trend – especially for fun quirky weddings and summer and beach weddings. They might be something you should consider in your wedding planning.

Traditionally, full-length gowns were the only proper option for wedding entourages since they are modest. But as time goes by, weddings are now becoming more casual and fun and formal, black-tie affairs are now turning into just an option instead of a requirement.

With traditional notions out of the way, brides now have more freedom to use their personal preferences in planning the wedding and that extends to the outfit of their bridesmaids.

Here is a list of reasons why you should make your bridesmaid wear robe de cocktail instead of long gowns:

Low-key vibe

When everything seems so formal, you feel more pressure. When your girls are in cocktail dresses, they will feel more relaxed and will help you feel more relaxed. It gives you more freedom to laugh and fool around as you prepare for the ceremony together. No pressure, no stress!

Faster pace

When you have a long gown on, you tend to move slower in fear of ruining the dress. If everyone is renting their gowns, the movements will be extra slow since they have to return their dresses in good condition. A cocktail dress allows them more freedom to move faster without having to worry about ruining their dresses. This way, your bridesmaids will have more time focusing on you than on their dresses.

Show off shoes

Shoes are the best way to show one’s personality. So, even if you stick your girls on matching bridesmaid cocktail dresses, they can still show off their style and personality through their shoes. Cocktail dresses also emphasize the fact that they are wearing matching shoes.

Warm climate

If your wedding takes place in warmer seasons or you plan to go to the tropics for a wedding getaway, your girls will feel better in a cocktail dress than to battle the heat in a long gown.

Cheaper material

Some fabrics look better on long gowns while others are better in shorter styles. Most fabrics look better in cocktail lengths. Fabrics like taffeta and satin definitely look better in a cocktail dress and they are actually cheaper than most fabrics too.

Boost their height

If most of your gang consists of petite girls, then they will look better in cocktail dresses. A long gown will just make them look shorter. A cocktail dress is more flattering for their height.

More room for dancing

You and your girls will be looking forward to dancing all night at the reception. They will be more comfortable and free in a cocktail dress than a long gown. Seeing the entourage go on party mode freely will make your wedding more fun and memorable. You do not have to worry about your guests getting bored!

A cocktail dress is more valuable


Cocktail dresses have more chances of being used again compared to long gowns. Everyone will get more value out of the money they spent on dresses if they can wear them again.

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