Important Things to Know About Gel Nails

by lola

If you have projects, vacation, or just any activity that would require your hands on them, then it’s high time you think about getting gel nails done. Ongle gel is becoming more popular, but what most people haven’t figured out is the specific things to look out for when looking to get them done.

Fortunately, if you stick to this guide, you will find out most of the things there is to know about gel nail polish!

Gel Nails Polish – What you Should Know

1. They aren’t all the same

One thing that you must understand is that not all gel polishes are the same – some are cleaner and brighter than others. This may be because of the ingredients that are involved in the making. Because fishing out clean gel nail polishes is difficult, you should look out for bad ingredients such as formaldehyde, dibutyl, and toluene. Aside from being toxic, these Ingredients are also capable of causing one cancer. Therefore, when shopping for your nail polishes, you surely want to be aware of these ingredients.

2. They last longer

When you use gel nails polish for your manicure or pedicure, you can be sure of one thing; they aren’t the same as classic manicures and can last for a longer period. That’s because gel polishes go through a curing process that prevents them from damaging and allows them to last from 10 days to 2 weeks.

3. Removal Process Depends on the Kind of Gel You’re Using

If you aren’t a nail technician, it is advised that you seek the counsel of one whenever you’re about getting your nails done with gel polish. Questions such as; “what type of gel polish is this, and how can I get them removed” are relevant in that regard. In case you’re using soft gel polish, you should buff and soak them off while Japanese gel polishes should be removed by using an electronic file. Also, hard gel polishes should be completely filed down before soaking off. For other kinds of traditional gels, you can ignore buffing and easily soak them off.

4. Avoid Peeling the Gel Off

Gel Nails will most likely get chipped at some point. This can be annoying, to say the least, however, you must ensure to resist every urge to peel the remaining nails off with your fingers. That’s because picking your gel off tends to damage or weaken your natural nails; this may in turn prevent gel polish from sticking on them in the future.

5. Finish the removal With a Serum or Cuticle Oil

After you’ve removed your gel nails, your nails may become prone to breakage. The best way to prevent them from breaking is by rehydrating them using either a serum or cuticle oil. But if you’re removing your nails to get a new one done immediately, ensure this stay away from cuticle oils as they may cause your nails to lift.


Gel Nails are part of the beautiful fashion trends that will stay for a long time. You must remain patient while removing your gel nails as they can cause the deterioration of the health of your nails.

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