What can affect the Flow Rate of My Garden Hose?

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When it comes to garden hoses, there are a lot of things to consider before getting one. These include getting the right hose reel and other features such as free shipping. You also have to consider the flow rate of the garden hose.

The flow rate of a garden hose is simply the quantity of water that passes through it in one minute. This quantity of water is usually expressed in gallons per minute (GPM).

It is required of you to know the adequate flow rate you need, to get the right amount of water to your plants. Knowing the right flow rate will stop you from buying an inadequate garden hose for your needs.

Most people go ahead to buy a garden hose that does not tally with the right flow rate they need. This can lead to a waste of money because the wrong type of garden hose will be abandoned for not being able to serve effectively.

 Factors That Affect Garden Hose Flow Rate

Some factors affect the flow rate of a garden hose, and they include the following

1. Diameter of the Hose

When you want to know the flow rate of a garden hose, this is one of the factors you cannot overlook. A garden hose with a smaller diameter would reduce the quantity of water that gets to your garden in a minute and subsequently in an hour.

Large diameter hoses supply higher GPM, while smaller diameter hoses would supply fewer GPM.

The typical flow rate of a garden hose ranges from 9-17 gallons per minute.

2. Length of the Hose

The length of a garden hose refers to how long or short it is. The flow rate of a garden hose will keep reducing as the hose gets longer. There would be a tremendous drop in flow rate when moving water over a long distance, due to the length of the hose.

It is noteworthy that shorter hoses are the best when you want a higher flow rate.

3. Pressure of the Hose

The pressure refers to the speed with which the water flows out from the hose. It is expressed in PSI which means pounds per square inch. Some companies produce garden hose that has PSI rating. This rating will enable you to know the pressure of the hose, to determine if it’s best for your needs.

Ways You Can Determine the Flow Rate of Garden Hose

There are two major ways you can determine the flow rate of a garden hose. You can use the rate calculator found online. With this online method, all you need to do is to provide small data and you get the correct flow rate.

The second way is to do it manually. All that is required is just a watch and calculator.


 You should consider how big your garden is, and also how often you would be needing water when buying a garden hose. Probably your soil absorbs water quickly, you should go for a garden hose that has a high flow rate. This will reduce the amount of time you spend watering your plants.

You should also check to know if you would be using your garden hose alongside a sprinkler.

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