Here’s Why You Should Use Hideaway Hose Reels

by lola

Hose Reels are part of the necessary tools that keep a garden going for long. It’s not just about owning a hose reel, especially the long ones, you also need to have a holder that helps you to perfectly store it. That’s because they tangle easily and require lots of strength to deal with.

If you’re looking for a means to purchase new hose reels, you can get coupons. To go coupon wise, you will need to get a good hose reel manufacturer. How about how to deal with its tangled mess? Below are storage options that you should try out.

Ways to Store your Hose Reels

Now that you’ve seen exactly why storing your hose reels is important, it’s time to see how you can go about it. These are the following noteworthy ways to store your hose reels:

1. Hideaway Reel

A lot of homeowners do not want their neighbors to notice the pile of hoses that may be found in the exteriors of the home. This is why most people opt for the “hideaway hose reel”. It’s the best option for storing your hose reel in plain sight while preventing it from causing an eyesore to people in your environment.

Hideaway hose reel Storage comes in neutral colors and will look amazing in any home it’s seen in, but you must choose only colors that blend properly with your immediate environment. This way, your hose reels won’t be visible and noticed by your visitors.

 2. Hose Pot

If you have a spigot, then the hose pot can come in handy as it’s one of the best ways to keep your hose while attending to your pigs. The hose pot makes it easier for you to access the hose reel without it dirtying or becoming a kinky mess.

While purchasing a hose pot for your reels, you need to consider its size and ensure that it can fit the one you have in your home.

3. Wall-Mounted Hose Storage

The Wall-Mounted Hose Storage is one of the most popular options that gardeners most especially, have discovered. It offers a very convenient means of getting the hose back to its position after usage. The beautiful part of owning a Wall-Mounted hose is its simple designs, which feature a turn handle used for pulling back the hose to its reel. When you pull it back in, you can store it beside its reel by simply winding it up.

4. Copper Pot

The copper Pot is perfect for hiding away the hose reels when it’s not in use. It comes with a decorative space that allows you to easily tuck your hose reels away. If your garden area is located on your patio, then you can trust the copper Pot to complement the space. It looks so beautiful, that a slot if people will always doubt what you’re using it for.

5. Metal Hose Stand

Depending on the situation you find yourself in, purchasing a metal hose stand is most likely a convenient means of hiding away four hose reels. They can be placed at any spot, Including the center of your garden, if you please. This is the reason why most people go for it.


As a gardener, you probably know why hose reel storage is highly important. Aside from preventing you from creating a mess for your neighbors, it’s one of the best ways to keep a neat environment.

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