Why should you consider an electric toothbrush?

by lola

Everyone knows the importance of brushing their teeth twice daily. It helps to remove any food build-up or particles that may have resulted from the day or night’s activities, and prevent gum diseases. Now, everyone is used to brushing their teeth manually, but have we considered the possibilities of an electric toothbrush?

People haven’t embraced the changes that an electric toothbrush aims to implement. Luckily, there are so many electric toothbrush manufacturers today so you have several options to choose from. Ensure that you have a budget before buying so that you’ll get value for your money.

But before you consider those options, why should you use one in the first place?

Here are some reasons why.

Why you should use an electric toothbrush today

1. It removes plaque better than manual toothbrushes

What is the aim of brushing our teeth twice a day? It’s to remove plaques and other food buildups. Research has shown that electric toothbrushes remove plaques and food particles and reduces the risk of gingivitis 11% faster than manual toothbrushes.

When buying an electric toothbrush, ensure that the head oscillates instead of just vibrating. It works better that way.

2. There is an in-built timer

It’s super easy to get distracted when using a manual toothbrush, or not brush for a long period because we’re rushing off somewhere. Electric toothbrushes solve that problem by incorporating an in-built timer into the toothbrush.

It ensures that your teeth are cleaned for the right amount of time needed to remove food particles and that you’re not distracted in any way.

3. It’s best for people that can’t move certain parts of their body

It’s unfortunate that people haven’t fully embraced the wonders of electric toothbrushes.

These brushes do most of the work for you, so it’s best for people with limited mobility such as those with carpal tunnel (a syndrome that causes weakness or numbness in your hand), developmental disabilities, or arthritis.

4. Totally safe for your gums

Tooth and gum sensitivity vary with people. Several factors could lead to gum sensitivity, from brushing too hard and touching your gum, infection/diseases, to bad flossing habits. When you brush manually, you’re tempted to exert too much force on your enamel that your gum gets affected.

With an electric toothbrush, your fears are eliminated. It goes very soft on the enamel and stays in a uni-dimensional pathway so that it doesn’t stray and affect the gum. Even if it touches it, the movement is so calm that it barely affects it.

5. Helps people with orthodontic appliances improve/maintain their oral health

Electric toothbrushes help people with orthodontic appliances keep up-to-date with their oral health. For those who don’t know what orthodontic appliances are, they are simply dental devices that help to position the teeth and correct some defects.

Examples of orthodontic appliances include braces, elastics, headgear, palatal expander, positioners, retainers, twin block appliance, etc.

Now, if your oral health is good with the appliance, using an electric toothbrush may make little to no impact. But if you’ve been experiencing difficulty brushing or flossing, an electric toothbrush will go a long way.

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