Looking At The Basic Car Prices In Nigeria

by lola

For more than four decades, Tokunbo cars have revolutionized the transport sector of Nigeria. By definition, this is the common name for used vehicles imported from Europe into Nigeria’s market. The Tokunbo market symbolizes a place where there are various types of items, including cars, electronics, as well as domestic goods. These products are often sold in the market place. To comprehend the actual market price of these cars in the Tokunbo market, you need to have a cars prices list at your fingertips.  

They could be among the middle class who are not in a position to afford new cars, known as Tear Rubber. The Tokunbo Market represents a significant way of determining the soundness of an economy. This is because it has a way of creating a viable dumping ground for second-hand goods.  

When it comes to cars in this market, affordability is always one of the elements most people look at. So, in this blog post, we shall focus our discussion on the basic car prices in Nigeria. Let us start, shall we?

Price of highly demanded Tokunbo cars

Toyota Siena – this is a popular car brand in Nigeria. It was produced by the Toyota Motor Corporation in 1997 and has since served different customers in many ways. Toyota Siena is affordable (N1.2M). Still in production until now, the cat comes in high quality.  

Toyota Avalon – Toyota Avalon was launched in 1994. It quickly became the most respected front-wheel drive in the market. Today, the full-size vehicle has gained popularity in different regions of the same land. While there has been a release of others as well, it is clear that Toyota Avalon is still one of the best vehicles in the industry. It has recently employed a V6 engine while it is inclined towards the Toyota Camry and Lexus. The car costs 4,600,000 N in Nigeria.

Lexus – We have garnered that the Lexus brand is luxurious not just in Nigeria but in more than 60 countries across the world. Toyota is its parent company and is prominent for its quality offerings in vividly stable features in the world and Nigeria.  

While its headquarters is based in Japan, it successfully created operational centers in Belgium and Brussels too. That way, the brand has a way of cementing its presence across the world. Because our focus is on prices, it is crucial to note that Lexus can be about N 25,000,000-45,000,000.

Mercedes Benz– this is a prominent German machine in the global automobile sector. It comes in trucks, buses, ambulances, and vans, among others. The famous name first appeared in the limelight in 1962, under a brand known as Daimler-Benz. Around 2018, the brand was one of the largest sellers of vehicles across the universe. In Nigeria, the estimated price of the car is (N28-N40 million).

Final Thoughts

Getting a car is a huge decision you need to make. It is also a life-changing investment decision that you must consider weighing in on with a clear mind. Approach the issue from an angle of understanding and consider checking up the price of the car type you would like to invest in before you spend your hard-earned money.

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