Do Smartwatches Have Any Health Effects?

by lola

Wearable devices are gadgets worn on the body that perform similarly or all functions of the computer. An example of these devices is the smartwatch. As the name implies, smartwatches are wearable devices that look like a watch. Like any other new technology, this device has received several opinions, that some tagging it harmful to human health.

Firstly, the smartwatch has been examined by specialists and professionals, and they ascertain that the device is safe for human use; that is, it is not harmful. Secondly, in collaboration, smartwatches, and healthcare industries have produced smartwatches that offer healthcare features independently or via special applications. One of these smartwatches is the HUAWEI Watch 3 in the U.K that offers many health-related features.

To better understand how healthy smartwatches are? This article highlights the unique health care features possessed by smartwatches and how they are beneficial.

Some Special Healthcare Features In Smartwatches

  1. Fitness Tracking: Smartwatches possess sensors that enable them to easily track a user’s fitness activity. Although, the user is required to set his fitness goal and the kind of fitness activities they wish to engage in. The device reminds the user when it’s time for those activities and provides the user with the results by monitoring the number of calories burned. This helps the user know how close they are to achieving their fitness goals.
  2. Heart rate Tracker: This feature uses sensors that sync with the user’s body, allowing it to monitor the user’s heart rate. If there are any signs of abnormality, it notifies the user and provides measures that can be taken to dissolve those abnormalities before the doctor’s arrival.
  3. Blood pressure tracker: This feature functions similarly to the heart rate tracker but monitors the user’s blood pressure and not heart rate. It alerts the user on what to do when an abnormality is noticed.
  4. Mental health tracker: This health feature monitors the user’s mental health and stress levels. It is made available via applications that are installed on the device. It suggests what to do when stress levels are high.

Benefits Of These Healthcare Features

The collaboration between the health and smartwatch industry has yielded various benefits, and they are:

  1. Increase inactive lifestyles: Common knowledge has it that active people are energetic, and their energetic nature is a sign of being fit. The fitness trackers have made many users serious about their fitness life, and the result is more energetic individuals translating to an active lifestyle.
  2. Offers personalized healthcare data: The presence of many trackers means that the device offers a log of personalized healthcare data. This is not bad because it provides your doctor or physician with detailed information on your health.
  3. Lowers treatment costs: The tracker features present on the device are for preventive purposes. They constantly remind you of what to do when it spots an issue relating to your health. Thus, you can take action before the issue gets worse.
  4. Personal assistance: Some patients suffering from chronic health challenges often get too busy and forget to take their medications. With the smartwatch, this is easily avoided. It serves as a personal assistant reminding the user of their medications at the appropriate time.


Smartwatches are healthy devices that every individual should have because they offer features that allow users to track specific areas of their health to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

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