Shower caps: a very useful accessory

by lola

Whether to avoid getting wet hair, or to use it to apply certain products and have more effect, the shower cap is a very useful accessory for this and more. Today it is possible to choose between many models and designs, because the boring or ugly caps are a thing of the past.

The shower cap is an accessory designed for the hair, initially designed for women who do not want to get their hair wet during their bath. However, with the evolution of cosmetics and hair products, shower caps are used to make these hair treatments more effective.

What should you know about shower caps?

A shower cap is basically a hair cover that will help you keep your hair dry while taking a bath or any activity that can get your hair wet, damp or damaged.

Its function to repel water and provide a waterproof layer for both the inside and outside of the cap is excellent, making it an indispensable accessory in the bathrooms of all women and also many men.

One of the things that stands out the most about this type of accessory is that it can be used for many things and can be put to many different uses.

Something to take into account is that using a shower cap to protect your hair from the water is not the same as using it so that the chemical or hair treatment you are using has better absorption. Also, not all of them are good for everything, there are many designs and materials for different purposes.

Most shower caps have multiple uses, many of them disposable. Disposable caps are most commonly found in hotels and other constant use as they are very easy to wash and reuse. They are also found in swimming pools or even, many use them for the beach.

Latex caps

These shower caps are slowly disappearing, with the arrival of silicone caps. These are the first to hit the market and are characterized by being a little rougher and tend to deform more quickly.

They are very easy to put on and take off, and the fact that they are rough, or rustic, makes them more durable, as the material is quite resistant.

Another advantage of latex shower caps, is that it is a 100% waterproof material, and if it has been put on correctly, there will be no way for the hair to get wet.

Silicone caps

This cap is very common among people who practice swimming in an amateur or professional way, as well as among those who tend to go to the pool constantly.

This is probably one of the most complicated caps to put on and take off, however it is highly resistant, adapts very well to the shape of the head and significantly reduces water entering the hair area.

However, many may find when removing this swim cap that their hair is damp, not from water, but from sweat, as it is very easy to perspire due to its material of manufacture.

The Final Words

Shower caps no longer have to be boring or ugly, today in the market it is possible to find many models and designs in different sizes, colors and even prints, so that in addition to being very useful, they can become a decorative piece of your bathroom.

Before buying the ideal bathing cap, first consider what you really need it for so you can choose the right one.

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