Innovative and Fun Ways to Make Use of Custom Stickers

by lola

When we were younger, we saw stickers (know more) in a whole different light. Today, custom stickers are mostly used by businesses to promote their brands and products. 

There are several ways to make use of company logo stickers to grow your brand. It is all about being creative with these stickers. In this post, we have put together a few fun ways you can make use of cheap business stickers. 

Using stickers to promote your business

There are several reasons why you should make use of stickers for your marketing. The most profound of these is the fact that people usually don’t see stickers as a marketing tool. Most times, people see custom stickers as a way to add to aesthetics. No wonder when you hand your customers stickers they are filled with joy.

The power of company logo stickers lies in the fact people like to use them. Since they perceive these cheap business stickers as gifts, you can leverage on their feelings to promote your brand. You are also able to promote customer loyalty with stickers as well.

The bonus point for stickers is that they are not costly to produce. Stickers are about the most cost-effective advertising option that exists. They don’t cost you so much yet they make so many impressions in a lifetime, totally worth the spend.

Ways to use stickers to promote your business

There are so many ways to make use of stickers these days. We will show you a few fun ways to use stickers below.

Adding interesting fun messages

Let’s paint a scenario to drive this point home. Two brands present stickers to their clients. Brand A hands out stickers that carry their logo and brand colors. Brand B, on the other hand, presents a sticker with their colors, logo, and an interesting message. The idea is that the clients should place the stickers on their laptops.

If you were in the position of the clients, which of these stickers will you use easily? Of course, the one from Brand B because it carries an interesting message. The message doesn’t have to be inspirational alone, it can be quirky or funny. It really doesn’t matter, as long as it passes some kind of message.

If you make use of the method employed by Brand  B, you are likely to have more people use your brand stickers. You can even switch it up by printing stickers with blank spaces. This allows your clients to add special messages of their own. 


Hand out useful stickers

People already love stickers, however, when you hand out stickers that are useful, people will love them more. Here’s what we mean. Beyond stickers being funny or inspirational, your stickers should have specific uses.

For example, you can hand out stickers for laptops, smartphones, cars, walls, doors, etc. You can even make the stickers more specific by creating them for organizational purposes. The idea is that you are trying to make the stickers user-specific.

The secret is ensuring that while the stickers are user-specific, somewhere on them, they carry your business information. This way, anytime these people make use of the stickers or come across them, they remember your brand. By the way, since they are user-specific, you don’t expect everyone to see them. However, the few that see them become your point of contact.

Send stickers to customers as gifts

Customers spend a lot of their money patronizing your business all year long. This means that you need to reward their loyalty at different times of the year. Of course, nothing will be measurable to how much they spend but a small gift will always be appreciated.

What better gift to hand to your customers than a few custom stickers? This kind of gift performs a dual function. Firstly, it acts as a reward for your customers which they will totally appreciate. Secondly, they are promotional items that your customers will never suspect.

Next time when you are packing that special order, package a few company logo stickers along. Make sure the stickers are professionally designed and very attractive. You can bet that your clients will be glad at the gesture and they will place them on their possessions.

If you are in the service industry, you can send “Thank you” cheap business stickers instead. The stickers don’t cost much and they are very potent. 


Place stickers on your packaging

Small businesses like to work on a budget which is a great way to remain afloat. One of the best ways to work with a budget is to make use of simple packaging. Yes, packaging that isn’t branded specially is cheaper. The only problem with this is that it doesn’t achieve much when it comes to promoting a brand.

How do you create a balance when you want simple packaging and promote your brand at the same time? Stickers, yes, they are the perfect way to create that balance. This is because they aren’t so costly and they offer the option of attractive designs.

Simply print very attractive stickers that carry the business and product details. Place these stickers on your simple packaging and you are good. You can come up with different shapes and sizes of your stickers. This will not only impress customers, but it will also impress prospects as well.

Store windows and doors

One of the best ways to promote your brand is by placing stickers on the windows and doors of your business venue. Doing this adds some extra spice to that location plus they are always very attractive. 

The stickers could perform several functions. For example, they tell people that you are conducting a sale. They can also provide information about your opening and closing times. Anytime you have a special offer, you can provide such details using cheap business stickers.



Custom stickers are very important these days when it comes to promoting brands and publicizing products. We have shown you a few ways to be creative with using company logo stickers. What other ways do you know? Share them with us in the comments section. If you have any demand for  custom stickers, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.

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